muzea - Velká Británie

muzea - Velká Británie
See also: muzejnictví
See also: stálé expozice
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150 $a muzea - Velká Británie
550 $a muzea $w g
550 $a Ashmolean Museum (Oxford) $w h
550 $a Barber Institute of Fine Arts $w h
550 $a Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery $w h
550 $a Bowes Museum (Durham) $w h
550 $a British Museum (London) $w h
550 $a Dulwich Picture Gallery (London) $w h
550 $a Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum $w h
550 $a National Museum of Wales $w h
550 $a Norwich Castle Museum $w h
550 $a Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh) $w h
550 $a South Kensington Museum (London) $w h
550 $a Sudley Art Gallery and Museum (Liverpool) $w h
550 $a Syon House (London) $w h
1090 $b 2004/03/04 $a 1996/06/26 $c ABE400/REG
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