Londýn (Anglie)

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150 $a Londýn (Anglie)
450 $a London (Anglie)
550 $a Anglie $w g
550 $a Art Union (spolek) $w h
550 $a Velká Británie $w g
550 $a British Library (London) $w h
550 $a British Museum (London) $w h
550 $a Courtauld Institute of Arts $w h
550 $a Hawksmoor, Nicholas (1661-1736) $w h
550 $a National Gallery (London) $w h
550 $a Royal College of Art (London) $w h
550 $a Syon House (London) $w h
550 $a veduty - Londýn $w h
550 $a Victoria and Albert Museum (London) $w h
550 $a Warburg Institute $w h
550 $a Wellington Collection $w h
550 $a Westminster Abbey $w h
1090 $b 2009/09/16 $a 1993/06/18 $c ABE400/PET
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